Tiffins Café and Catering

Gross Area:
169 m2

Construction Cost:

View of Bench Seating "Fuselage"

Design and construction supervision of a high-end café incorporating a full-service professional catering facility. Located in downtown Ottawa in the ground floor of the national headquarters of Canada's air traffic control agency, the design plays with aviation and travel themes.

The key design element, the central service bar, serves customers who access the café from the street-front or rear internal building entrance. Its oval profile, similar to the cross-section of a wing, dominates the space.

The other key feature is a rotating metal "wing" that interacts with the service bar to divide the front and rear of the café when required to maintain building security during office hours. After hours, the wing swings back against the wall to open up the entire café

View of Central Service Bar

View from Rear Toward Entrance Showing "Wing" in Open Position