Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA)

Gross Area:
147 m2

Construction Cost:

View from Security Station

Design, tendering and construction for the renovation of the central lobby of the corporate headquarters of CCRA (Canada Customs and Revenue Agency), located in the historic Connaught Building in central Ottawa. The project mandate was to:

  • reclaim the grandeur of the Main Lobby commensurate with its status as the main public face of CCRA, and which was lost in a series of destructive prior renovations.
  • implement upgraded security and a central security station sympathetic to the overall design
As it was at first believed that none of the original finishes remained, the initial design concept was to upgrade the space with contemporary materials and detailing in a manner sympathetic but distinct from the rest of the heritage building. However, as demolition progressed large areas of intact marble floor and decorative plaster ceiling finishes were uncovered. The design was completely revised to fully restore and showcase these original finishes.

View Across Lobby
View from Entrance